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The Last Supper…

I’m currently travelling for work (more on that later), so I have little choice but to eat out for most, if not all, meals.

Tonight was my “last supper”, which I might have previously thought would be something gluten-y and cheese-y with a side of french fries and ketchup. But because I’ve already been gradually shifting my eating habits over the past several months, instead, I worked out and then had a steak with mushrooms, broccoli, and brussel sprout leaves. It was delicious and satisfying, but a voice inside my head said I should at least do SOMETHING to splurge before I commit to this craziness for the next 30 days of my life. Why waste this opportunity? (haha worst rationale ever.)

So I ate about 10 Hot Tamales – you know, those spicy cinnamon flavoured globs of syrup goo?

And 2 small morsels of Hershey’s dark chocolate with almonds. The packaged stuff with an awful lot of added sugars, I’m sure.

Really, I should’ve gone for potato chips or something savoury of that nature, as I’m a salty over sweet kind of gal any day of the week…and man, do I love my potato chips. But I didn’t have any on hand (which I suppose is a good thing!), so I settled for the sweets I had left in my purse from who knows how long. You know, the ones that are tucked away in all sorts of nooks and crannies for those “just in case you get hangry” moments. (note to self: clean out your purse and do a kitchen purge when you get home).

Tomorrow it begins…

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Last day of freedom?

Whole30 for the month of May starts tomorrow. I want to see what the hype is all about, and if it really affects my lifestyle (energy levels, fitness, general health & wellness, etc.). I’ve already started transitioning by making more conscious food choices and eating gluten-reduced for several months, but now I’ve decided to jump in for “real”!

Caveat – I’m making some realistic compromises by allowing:

  • small amounts of cheese (can’t give it up, ever!!)
  • moderate alcohol consumption on weekends only
Skeptical / worried / terrified about this Whole30 business...

Skeptical / worried / terrified about this Whole30 business…

Some purists may argue that I’m cheating…I like to think I’m setting myself up for success by acknowledging a goal that’s actually attainable 😛 (and sustainable!) I think the benefits of eating Paleo (if they exist) can still be effectively achieved without making extreme sacrifices (yes, cheese and alcohol are considered extreme sacrifices for me).

Anybody have Paleo experiences to share with me? Awesome recipes perhaps? Critics, interested to hear your thoughts too!

Wish me luck! (and now it’s on Facebook, so it’s official and I can’t back out anymore)

So I guess that makes tonight my last supper…and yet strangely I don’t have any strong desire to splurge. I’ll probably regret not taking advantage of this opportunity in about a week (or less), but I’ll deal with that when I get there (will these be my famous last words that everyone will point and laugh at me about in the 30 days to come?…)

Whole30 in a (very tiny) nutshell: 30 days of Paleo eating

I’m by no means an expert. What I know about it is limited to what I’ve read (in books and online). And now you can read about it here. I don’t think I can even name a personal friend who I know has done the Whole30 challenge.

I’m not an extremist. Or a Paleo purist. Don’t expect me to be counting grams of protein or comparing my protein-fat-veg-carb ratio on a meal-by-meal basis (read: at all) – too much work! And I’ve already made concessions for the 2 cheat items above (which I will try my darnedest to minimize, but screw you if you want to judge me and try to stand between me and my cheese). I’m not claiming any health benefits or preaching Paleo unless I experience them first-hand, and I sure as hell am not expecting my journey to be a shining example of Whole30 discipline – I am human and am not without fault.

This is my real-life story of the Whole30 challenge.

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