Enter: TC

Meet Tommy.

He’s my partner in crime, Clyde to my Bonnie, grocery buddy, #1 fan, and boyfriend. He’ll henceforth be known as TC.


TC presents a challenge in itself because he was blessed with some Asian, rapid-metabolism gene that prevents him from putting on any weight or fat. Either that or he has worms (in which case, we have bigger issues to deal with…)

Sometimes, TC likes to fill up on entire meals made of carbs (pasta night, anyone?). And why not? He can.

He comes home from school or work every day before the standard dinner time and he’s usually ready for a snack at the very least. Making him something to eat while not eating myself is always fun times (/sarcasm). But joking aside, I do love cooking for him, and it’s not something I’m about to give up!

Lucky for me, he’s been very supportive in my gluten-reduced / Whole30 adventure. He’s very encouraging and engaged in learning about the process as I’m learning it. He tries pretty much anything I make, which is saying somethin’, since all these Paleo recipes are brand new to me (read: sometimes fail, with occasional epic fail). I still make minor meal modifications for him so he can have the things he likes, such as potatoes, pasta, etc. without sacrificing the Paleo-friendly parts of the meal, which we both eat. For example, last week I made him regular whole wheat pizza crust, while I made cauliflower pizza crust for myself.

Having a support system when you embark on any challenge in life can mean different things for different people. You may need someone to commit to doing the whole Whole30 program with you (like a workout buddy) to keep you on track and honest. Or maybe you just need a personal cheerleader who gives you words of encouragement moral support. Or maybe you just need your social networks to “like” your Whole30 status 😛

For Whole30, my support system is a combination of #2 and #3. Thanks, friends! And thanks, TC 🙂


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