Whole30 Day 3 – Getting a bit tougher…

Breakfast (@ home)

  • 2 scrambled eggs
  • 2 slices of proscuitto

No snack! 😀

Lunch (food truck on the street)

  • $2.85 burger – lettuce wrap instead of a bun. Was walking around downtown today with TC and we walked by this place that has gotten pretty popular over recent months. Yes, this place is actually called $2.85 burger (I wonder what happens when they need to adjust for inflation or rising cost of business…) I’ve heard lots about it, and so we decided we’d give it a try. I asked for more lettuce instead of the bun, and they were more than happy to accommodate (yay!) It was delicious, but came with mayo and some japanese bbq/teriyaki sauce on the patty. Whoops, I didn’t know. I’m pretty sure both of those things are Paleo-naughty.
  • Mighty Kale smoothie from Jugo Juice (sans pineapple) – shared with TC.


Snack (@ home)

  • 2 small morsels of Lindt extra dark chocolate.

Dinner (@ Le Petit Saigon)

  • Grilled lemongrass chicken on vegetables – This normally comes on rice noodles (no soup) with bean sprouts and lettuce on the side. I asked if they could do without noodles and just lettuce instead. The restaurant (our favourite local pho place) went above and beyond by putting my chicken over boiled veggies (cauliflower, broccoli, carrots). It was delicious and satisfying. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have one spoon of TC’s pho broth and rice noodles. A small one 😉



Only one snacking time again today between lunch and dinner. It may not sound like much, but trust me, it takes me lots of effort to achieve this.

On the flip side, I’m not really craving any carbs like bread or pasta. I would love to have some potato chips right about now though…and some noodles would be fantastic.

Also was pleasantly surprised at how the Vietnamese restaurant accommodated my no-noodle request (that’s like going to a Chinese restaurant and ordering fried rice without the rice or something…!)


I’m starting to really miss my snack times. I have to consciously tell myself NO when I’m craving something munchie between meals.


I need to be better about asking about what ingredients/sauces are used when eating out – the mayo and sauce on the lunch burger could’ve been easily avoided.

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