Whole30 Day 6 – Getting into the swing of things!

Breakfast (in a meeting)

  • 2 hard boiled eggs
  • 1 small sausage link
  • A few homemade apple chips / dried mango strips


Snack (in a meeting)

  • A few homemade lime & chili almonds (recipe posted soon!)
  • 1 small morsel of Lindt extra dark chocolate

Lunch (@ the staff cafeteria/buffet/lunch room)

  • Beef fajita stirfry thing – Had some peppers and onions
  • Chicken thigh – Didn’t actually eat more than 2 small bites of this. It was so dry!
  • 4 meatballs in marinara sauce – I’m not certain these meatballs are truly gluten free, since most meatballs are made with breadcrumbs or some kind of starch.
  • Side salad
  • 1 small banana

IMG_20140506_025411     IMG_20140506_025435

No snack! 😀

Dinner (@ Buddy V)

  • Salmon and broccolini – Sorry, the pic is in mid-eaten state because I forgot to take a snapshot before digging in haha! The morsel on the bottom right is a piece of chicken from my coworker’s dish that I tried 🙂
    Italian restaurant, which means lots of carbs. But there were a few good entree options! The food was good (but nothing outstanding), portions were decent, but the service was awful. Our server was super pushy and rude, and it pretty much soured my whole dinner experience. I’m sure our server was not representative of the overall restaurant service, but just did not leave a good impression with me.



Legs were super sore from yesterday’s Half Marathon, but still got myself to the gym and worked on upper body muscles and stretching. Felt great!


I feel like I’m getting into the swing of things. Although I still need to make very conscious decisions about what I eat and don’t eat, it’s becoming a *bit* easier to make the right choices.


How do you know at restaurants and cafeterias how things are made or what the ingredients really are (today’s example, the meatballs at lunch)? I don’t see myself being that high-maintenance person who wants to know what goes into every little thing :S

And on that note of not wanting to be high-maintenance, now that more and more people are becoming aware of my Paleo eating, friends and coworkers are going out of their way to accommodate my diet. Don’t get me wrong, this is SUPER nice of them, and I really do appreciate it. It’s just also really awkward to tell them over and over again that they don’t need to make restaurant choices just for me. And when they want to share appetizers and realize I can’t really eat anything, they don’t have to order something different just so I can partake (like last night, they ordered a ceasar salad for us to share instead of a regular non-Paleo appetizer, despite my insisting they don’t choose their order based on Paleo needs). It makes me a bit uncomfortable that I’m the centre of all sorts of special circumstances, even though I’m trying to make dining as normal as possible.


I’m definitely staying fuller for longer, and not getting as hungry between meals, which is super encouraging. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the type of food I’m eating (protein-rich), but does it also have to do with me eating more calories in general? I’m not calorie counting, and I don’t intend on starting, so who knows.

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