Whole30 Day 7 – Dropping bloat? Feeling good!

Breakfast (@ the staff cafeteria/buffet/lunch room)

  • Scrambled eggs (looks like about 2 eggs worth)
  • 1 small sausage link
  • 2 strips of bacon – WOW, I almost never eat bacon. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the taste of it, but I’ve always been so turned off at what I thought was a super unhealthy, fatty food. But alas, bacon is Paleo-friendly (well, this is debatable, depending on how the meat is treated, packaged, etc.)
  • Marinara sauce – Most definitely leftovers from yesterday’s cafeteria lunch lol. There’s 1 meatball in there, but I actually didn’t end up eating it. I mostly just wanted the tomato sauce as a ketchup substitute (chalk full of sugar!). It has inspired me to make some fresh salsa when I get home as a side with my breakfast 😀


Snack (in a meeting)

  • A couple homemade dried fruit slices (apple and mango)
  • A small piece of homemade fruit leather (strawberry mango)

Lunch (@ the staff cafeteria/buffet/lunch room)

  • Prime rib
  • Veggie stirfry – Carrots, onions, broccoli
  • Roasted cauliflower – Love cauliflower!
  • Side salad

IMG_20140507_042328      IMG_20140507_042359

Snack (at my desk)

  • A small banana
  • 1/2 slice of SOO brand pork jerky

Dinner (@ Noodles in Bellagio)

Coworker’s choice, but personally would not recommend. I have yet to have any good Chinese food on The Strip, but the rest of the group enjoyed it, so it’s alright!

Nearly everything on the menu contained rice, or noodles, or fried food, or a combination of the 3 😛 I was pretty proud of my diligent menu choices!

  • Yow Choy – With a tiny bit of oyster sauce and hot sauce
  • Small side of BBQ duck



Didn’t have time to go to the gym today 😦


I can’t decide if I’m truly dropping bloat or if I’m just having a skinny day (don’t you love those mornings you wake up and are thinking, “damn, I look good today!”), but my midsection seems to be flattening out a bit. Whether it’s true Paleo results or just my imagination, it’s inspiring!


I very nearly had a couple bites of gelato today after lunch. There are special events every day this week in the staff cafeteria, and today was gelato. Dairy, sugar, and gluten in the cookie bits in it…bad bad bad. Although Whole30 Guide to Off-Roading does provide some guidelines on how to decide what and when to indulge. Once I had decided to go get some gelato so I could have 2 spoons (spoons as in bites, not as in scoops), the gelato station was closed!! It was heartbreaking and relieving at the same time. It’s as though the Paleo gods were (unfortunately) watching over me lol.


I know I’m supposed to limit (but not restrict!) the fruit I eat, due to the natural sugar content. I’ve found it tough this week to do that, since the easiest “takeaway” snacks from the staff cafeteria are fruits, and because I brought a bunch of homemade fruit-based snacks. However, I could probably make some other veggie-based snacks this weekend and give that a try too! Luckily, I will not be travelling for work for the next 3 weeks, so I’m hoping I can get many more healthy home cooked meals in!

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