Whole30 Day 8 – Travel Day.

Breakfast (@ the staff cafeteria/buffet/lunch room)

  • Scrambled eggs (looks like about 1 egg worth)
  • 1 hard boiled egg
  • 3 strips of bacon
  • Mystery BBQ meat – Probably should’ve skipped this, but it looked interesting and tasted yum.


Snack (in a meeting)

  • A few homemade lime & chili almonds (recipe posted soon!)
  • Small piece of homemade fruit leather (strawberry mango)

Lunch (@ the staff cafeteria/buffet/lunch room)

Wasn’t actually hungry at all…I suspect cuz my breakfast was so massive and proteiny. But I ate anyway because I knew I’d get hungry right around 2pm if I didn’t, and would have to go eat anyway.

  • A few mussels
  • Another mystery meat BBQ patty – Couldn’t help myself haha
  • Side salad
  • Small bowl of chicken noodle soup – Avoided the noodles, added more veggies
  • A small banana

 IMG_20140508_025211     IMG_20140508_025238

No snack! 😀

Well, actually, I met up with a friend who happened to be in town before I went to the airport. We grabbed a drink @ Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill in Caesars – mine was a gin cocktail called the Ramsay Tonic with gin, St-Germain, tonic (subbed to soda for less sugar), cucumber, and grapefruit. Yummy and refreshing, but still too sweet for my taste even with the club soda sub. Cocktails tend to be too sweet for me in general!

Dinner (takeout from Grand Lux Cafe)

  • Ahi Tuna Salad – One of my favourite dishes from here. I grabbed takeout before I headed to the airport to catch my flight home. Much to my dismay, they didn’t include the right salad dressing, so this was way less enjoyable than usual, but still good. I skipped on the pickled ginger, due to sugar content.



No exercise today – it was a travel day.


I wasn’t hungry for any of my meals today (as in, my hunger didn’t tell me it was time to eat, which means I’m staying full longer!), but I still ate at typical meal times to make sure my body was fuelled!


I’ve been resisting from replenishing my dark chocolate purse supply since I ran out. Been doing pretty well, but then couldn’t help from buying a bar at the duty free, even though it includes sugar, soy, and milk (probably trace amounts, but still). In better news, I bought the 85% bar! Up until now, the darkest I’ve gone is 72%.


I’m feeling good 🙂

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