On Paleo + Fitness (and Weight Loss!)

In my daily Whole30 posts (starting on Day 5), I added a new section as a result of reading up on the Paleo lifestyle.

Strength training / physical activity is a big part of the Paleo lifestyle, which makes sense, since you can’t really eat like a caveman but sit in front of a computer all day instead of hunting/gathering like a caveman. I guess that’s why Paleo eating and the Crossfit craze kind of go hand-in-hand.

I stumbled upon some inspiring success stories over at Nerd Fitness, and one female success story in particular was super interesting. It talked about healthy eating and strength training to trim down and get toned. It also talked about how you will not get super bulky as a female (yes, one of my fears too) if you’re doing the right kind of strength training.

Also, this success story on Nerd Fitness talked about how weight loss was not the goal, because when you are gaining muscle and losing fat, you may stay the same weight or even gain! This made sense to me, since I was staying the same weight at my peak fitness last summer/fall even though I was gaining significant strength and noticeably toning my muscles, while also doing intense cardio workouts (used to do Insanity about 3-4x per week).

In one of my earliest Whole30 posts where I personalized Whole30, I talked about a few things I’m trying to achieve by trying this program. I have updated it to replace “drop a couple pounds of bloat and trim down a bit (even though I’m not overweight by any means)” with “reduce bloat and tone up”.

I can peg my drop in attention to personal fitness to my vacation in Puerto Rico shortly after Christmas of last year. Nobody really exercises on vacation, right? Other than physical activities like hiking, swimming, beach volleyball, etc. Once I returned, it was really hard to get back into my workout groove.


There was a time…


For several months, I’ve been making excuses and being lazy. I worked out maybe 1-2x per week. 3x per week if I was being really good. But it was all so inconsistent. And the Moksha yoga classes I was going to about once per week pretty much didn’t happen at all for those months.

Now that I’m committed to Whole30 and getting into the groove of things, it’s time to commit myself back to my fitness. If I’m going to eat better, it would be a waste to not also treat my body better physically.


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