Whole30 Day 13 – Bring on the bacon!

Breakfast (@ home)

  • 2 scrambled eggs
  • 3 strips of reduced salt bacon – I’m not usually one for bacon…I probably haven’t really eaten any in years! I enjoy the taste, I just always perceived it to be super unhealthy, and it just didn’t taste good enough for me to justify eating it. But bacon is Paleo-friendly, so have at it!
  • 1/2 avocado
  • Small glass of coconut milk


Snack (@ home)

  • A few homemade yam chips as I was baking them throughout the morning 🙂

Lunch (Sushi Town)

Parents wanted sushi again!! I’m not gonna complain 😀

  • Salmon sashimi
  • Toro sashimi
  • Salad

Dinner (@ home)

  • BBQ steak – Pictured is the portion I took…the rest went to TC ha ha ha…
  • Zoodles in clam sauce – Leftover clam broth found in my freezer from the last time we had clams. YUM!
  • Baked yam slices
  • Shared a beer with TC 😀


Snack (@ home)

  • A mini chocolate zucchini muffin


Day 2 of my 28-day bootcamp at InFighting. I was still a bit sore from yesterday’s fitness test, and we did some team circuit training, which involved things like squats, tricep rows, high jumps, burpees, deadlifts, swimmers, etc. It was physically challenging for me from a strength perspective, but not from a cardio on (I can thank my running for that!).


Trimming down noticeably in the midsection. May just be bloat instead of actual fat, but I like it!


Snacking still an issue. I’m not convinced that snacking is necessarily bad for you though.


I hate going into the kickboxing ring at the gym as a group because everyone takes off their socks and it’s smelly! 😛

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