Homemade Ghee Fail.

IMG_20140514_112140I tried making some homemade ghee about 2-3 weeks ago before I started Whole30. You’re supposed to use grass-fed butter, but I just used what I had in my fridge – unsalted butter from Costco. I followed this guide, which gives a nice step-by-step picture view of what your butter/ghee should look like in the process, so instead of stressing out about where you’re at just from descriptions, you can actually compare to the photos 😀

I’m pretty sure I overcooked (read: slightly burnt) the milk solids, resulting in a more amber-coloured ghee than bright yellow. I was worried I ruined it, because various internet sources told me just to chuck the batch and start a new one. But there was a glimmer of hope in some posts that said it’s still good if it’s not TOO burnt.

I let the ghee set into a solid and then stored it in my fridge. I use it nearly everyday (even before my Whole30 started), and it has been fine! Delicious even! I’ll admit, it does smell and taste a bit more “caramelly” than plain butter, but I can’t say I mind. Well, instead of wasting a cup of butter, I’m happy to use it!

I’m already more than halfway through this batch, so hopefully the next batch I make properly and don’t burn…

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