Whole30 Day 15 – Holy moly, halfway there!

Breakfast (@ home)

  • 2 scrambled eggs + 1 egg white
  • 2 strips of reduced salt bacon
  • 1/2 avocado
  • Small glass of homemade almond milk
  • A few strawberries


Snack (@ home)

  • A few homemade yam chips

Lunch (@ home)

  • 4 eggplant bruschetta
  • Fried egg topped with tomato and pork patty – I made homemade breakfast pork patties, and there was a bit leftover, so I just cooked it up and added it to my lunch 🙂
  • Side of garlic “mashed” cauliflower


Snack (@ home)

  • A scoop of homemade chocolate truffle

Dinner (@ home)

  • Paleo baked chicken nuggets – These didn’t turn out crispy even though I used an seasoned almond flour “breading” after an egg wash. I’m gonna have to try this again. Also tried a homemade ketchup – did not like it at all. I ended up eating these with some bottled honey mustard sauce I have at home that I love so much. It’s definitely not made from scratch or from fresh ingredients, contains a good amount of sugar, and is Paleo-naughty. But it made me enjoy my meal so much more, so I thought it was worth it.
  • Baked yam fries
  • Seaweed salad



Another bootcamp day. The 3rd and last one of this week.


Today marks halfway of Whole30. It hasn’t been perfect, as I know I have some minor cheats here and there, and I’ve allowed for snacking, but man am I still proud of myself! 😀


Most packaged condiments contain sugar, preservatives, and all sorts of Paleo-naughty things…but damn, I love my condiments! And sometimes, homemade just doesn’t come close. I think this may be an area I’m willing to cheat in.


Just double what I’ve done so far and I’ll be done Whole30 for the month of May!! Kind of incredible, if I do say so myself 😀 😀 😀

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