Whole30 Day 16 – Don’t forget to eat meals!!

Breakfast (@ home)

  • 2 scrambled eggs
  • 1 homemade breakfast pork patty
  • 1 slice of proscuitto
  • 1/2 avocado
  • Small glass of coconut milk


Snack (@ home)

  • A scoop of homemade chocolate truffle

Lunch (@ home)

Um. I forgot to eat lunch today. How does that happen?! I can’t tell time instinctually when I barely ever get hungry anymore!!

Snack (@ home)

  • A medium sized banana – At about 4pm when I realized I hadn’t had lunch yet, I figured I should get some nutrition in me!

Dinner (@ home)

  • Eggplant bruschetta
  • Leftover paleo baked chicken nuggets
  • A few raspberries and several pieces of papaya


Snack (@ friend’s house)

Housewarming party at my friend’s new apartment. Drank copious amounts of alcohol (oops) and ate potato chips in the process. Darn it! Brainless snacking while drinking is such a pitfall…I don’t feel bad that I ate chips, I just feel bad that it wasn’t a very conscious decision to have a cheat snack and enjoy it thoroughly.




Love handles are visibly smaller than when I started Whole30. That’s definitely cause for celebration! LOL


How to avoid alcohol and the snacking that goes along with drinking? Well, at least I have cut back a lot on drinking up until this point…


If I’m gonna cheat, it should be a very conscious decision, and I should savour and enjoy every moment of it.

Also, stop forgetting to eat meals! I’ve eaten a lot of meals later than usual because I’ve forgotten and don’t feel hungry, but never until this point have actually missed a meal completely!

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