Whole30 Day 26 – Uh oh, day off…

Brunch (@ Cafe Zen)

TC took me out to brunch on my lovely day off!

Supposedly the best eggs benedict in Vancouver. It was pretty darn good, but I can’t say if it was truly the best. My heart still goes out to Lola in Seattle and Vendome Cafe in Calgary (which I know aren’t in Vancouver, but “the best” should still be of comparable epicness!!).

  • 2 eggs benedicts – 1 shrimp and avocado, 1 crab and avocado. Side of hash browns. TOTALLY NOT PALEO. THE WHOLE THING.


Snack (@ Tealips)

Another mega cheat today, but this time in the sugar category. First time trying this place, since my local favourite, Pearl Drops Teahouse, closed unexpectedly. They were the only ones I knew who brewed loose leaf tea for every cup of bubble tea, but I received a recommendation to try Ninja Bubble Tea, so that will be my next adventure 🙂

  • 1 strawberry lemon green tea – Half sweet, extra lemon, with 1/2 pearls, 1/2 mango stars, and 1/2 grass jelly. 1/2 orders that is. Because 3 x 1/2 doesn’t = 1. Bahaha. It was still too sweet…why do people like their sweets SO sweet?!


Snack (@ home)

  • A small spoon of chocolate truffle.

Dinner (@ home)

  • Asian mango cabbage slaw – One of my favourite summer salads when mangos are in season. Fresh and nutritious. Homemade dressing. Recipe here.
  • “Butter chicken” – Chicken, onions, and cauliflower in a butter chicken style sauce. This sauce comes in a jar from Costco, so it isn’t actually from scratch. But I ate it over zuccini instead of rice or bread! 😀

 IMG_20140603_105140     IMG_20140603_105202


Bootcamp. Tough one today. Loved it.


I don’t even deserve to put anything here. The cheating was out of control today.


Today was Memorial Day (in the US, but since I’m on a US project, I get the day off too). On top of that, in Canada, everyone else is working. Which makes it a perfect time to be out and about. Other than the awesome weather and lots of walking around time, we did indeed eat/snack naughty things 😦


I’m allowing more and more cheats lately, and of bigger significance. Gotta cut back…just a few days to stick through!

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